VIDEO: He Heard Something Strange, But Decided To Investigate. What He Found?! OMG!

The climate in the state of Michigan is known for being cold and rainy. This type of weather is can be fatal to stray animals left to the exposure of the bare elements. One particular cold and rainy day he Michigan humane society received a call about an abandoned puppy chained to an old couch.

A dispatcher sent the truck over to the location with given by a caller. When the truck arrived to the location, the couch was visible next to two garbage cans against a building.

The Michigan humane society worker did find a female puppy curled up in a ball between the wall of the building and the garbage cans. When approaching the scene, the the humane society worker called out to the puppy, and the puppy approached all happy to see him, letting the worker put her in the truck to be transported. While putting the female pup in the truck, the worker heard a loud meow.

The worker approached the garbage cans again. There he found a small black kitten curled up in a ball. This is a wonderful story of survival between a puppy and kitten. They helped each other survive Michigan’s brutal elements.

Through the days of survival, the puppy and kitten developed a true friendship. During vaccinations and their check up at the humane society, they displayed their affections for one another for all to see. Humanity could learn a lot by watching the friendship between a puppy and kitten.

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