VIDEO: He Had A Feeling His Dogs Were Doing Something Odd When Home Alone. So He Setup A Camera

Man’s best friend lived up to that designation in a recent video that was posted by the owner of two dogs and a cat. The individual sought to discover exactly what the pets were doing while the owner was away at work, so a video camera was set up.

Previous attempts to discover this resulted in doors being furiously scratched at in a frantic attempt to leave a room, couch cushions destroyed or even incessant howling.

However, in the case of this pet owner, none of those situations took place. Instead, the cat peacefully is sitting on top of a side table, next to what appears to be a laptop computer.

One dog then enters the picture and quietly jumps on top of the pullout bed and quietly stares at the door awaiting his master’s return. After 10 seconds of video, the edited version shows the second dog now sitting next to his fellow canine, both of them staring at the door of the residence.

Shortly after, both dogs rest their chins on the bed, with the smaller of the two dogs then moving closer to the larger dog. Soon, the smaller dog is still looking at the door while the larger one is now staring out the window before then returning to resume staring at the door.

In the final 10 seconds, the larger dog appears is quietly resting when he hears a nose, causing him to stare at the door. At that point the video ends.

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