VIDEO: He Dumps Sugar And Salt In A Brown Bag. Then Throws It In The Microwave. The Result? Yum!

Many people enjoy curling up on a couch and watching a movie while they are eating a bag of popcorn. Grant Thompson, who is also known as the King of Random shows people how they can make their own popcorn at home.

Research has shown that store-brought microwave popcorn can potentially be harmful to one’s health. However, he has found a way to make popcorn that even a very health conscious person will enjoy.

You will need popcorn kernels, salt, pepper and a little bit of sugar. You will need to use one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of sugar, a 1/2 tsp of salt and 1/3 cup of popcorn. You will need to pour a little bit of olive oil over the kernels. Allow it to sit for a few seconds. After that, you will need to add the salt and sugar. Place the popcorn kernels in a bag and fold it.

Place the bag in the microwave and allow it to pop. Every microwave is different, so the popping times can vary greatly. Take the popcorn out once it slows to two to three pops per second. Shake the bag up to make sure that the popcorn is well-seasoned. Your popcorn is now ready for you to enjoy.

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