VIDEO: He Decided To Cook Eggs In A Very Strange Way. Then I Tried It. The Result?! WOW!

Non-stick cooking surfaces such as frying & baking pans make cooking enjoyable. There is no scrubbing away food articles like eggs, cookies or even bacon. There is a way to turn any cooking surface into a non-stick surface without applying teflon or other exotic treatments. Just use parchment paper. It is inexpensive and can be found in most grocery stores where the aluminum foil is stocked.

Cooking with parchment paper is a simple three step process. Start heating the pan. Put the parchment paper on the pan’s cooking surface. Put the cooking oil and/or butter on the parchment paper. Now, cook the food(s) on parchment paper the same way it is prepared on any other pan . The only differences is the ease of removing the food and the clean up of the dishes afterwards.

tips: Do not worry about the parchment paper bursting into flames. Paper ignites at Fahrenheit 451. Most cooking is done at 400 degrees or less. This technique was devised by amateur cooks as an experiment to improve the cooking experience for everyone.

If you decide to do some experimental cooking, check out the World Wide Web, especially youtube, for ideas on places to share your successes and failures, especially what they taught you.

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