VIDEO: Granny Passed Away, But When Her Family Saw The Obituary, They Were STUNNED

It is often a sad time when a family member dies. There are those left to cherish the memories that were had with that person, but there is still a pain as that person is no longer with them. When one grandmother died, her family gathered to listen to what was said in her obituary. After they saw what was in it, they were shocked.

This grandmother loved her family, and they knew it because she showed them every day. When she died, she left them a gift that they knew nothing about. The woman had pancreatic cancer. The family didn’t know that she had written her own obituary before she died.

This obituary has now spread to several sites online so that others can see how loving she was and how much she wanted to make her family smile after she was gone. The daughter knew about a book where her mother would record how she felt in life about the cancer, and in this book was also special directions for the family to follow after she died. There were some words, such as naked, that the grandmother included in her obituary.

This was a little shocking, but there was no surprise that the obituary had the sass that the grandmother was known for and the beautiful words that described her life.

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