VIDEO: Fed Up And TIRED, She Made One Tiny Change… What She Looks Like Now Shocked Me

Kimberly was a woman who was grossly overweight and needed to do something about it. More to the point, she needed to change her lifestyle and attitude. She was living primarily off of fast food and sweets, and she didn’t seem to care what this was doing to her. In fact, before going to a movie, she would buy multiple boxes of sweets and boast that they would be mostly gone before the first twenty minutes of the movie had played.

Then she decided to change. There wasn’t any particular time that she can pinpoint for when this happened. She stopped living off of fast food and sweets and ate healthy. She also hit the gym and used the weights as well as the exercise bicycle. All of this caused her to lose weight fast. In fact, she lost 70 pounds in six months.

Kimberly documented her weight loss over time in pictures. She transformed from being grossly overweight to being slim and beautiful. As the pounds come off, you can see her self-confidence increase as well. It’s hard to believe the young woman after the weight loss is the same one as before.

Kimberly isn’t done losing weight. She says that she hasn’t reached her destination; rather she is still on a journey towards health, beauty and fitness.

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