VIDEO: Extreme Christian Is Sick Of Schools Teaching About Evolution. So She Does This. IDIOT!

Individuals within some religious-based groups are making efforts to prevent the teaching of dinosaurs in schools, as well as attempting to inform online audiences of the alleged myths that are being perpetrated on the general public.

One specific organization, Christians Against Dinosaurs, has been the most prominent in this area, with some members of the group banned from internet forums due to the views they expressed.

One individual complained that her elementary school child and others had been driven to tears by a classmate who pretended to be a dinosaur. The individual claimed that the child was “bestially-minded” and had bitten three children on the face.

That same individual also stated that she had ordered her sister to leave her house after the sister had given her two youngest children dinosaur toys for Christmas. Soon after, the toys were burned and the individual said that her sister had been disowned.

The group has a YouTube channel, where they make efforts to dispel information by what they call, “Big Paleontology.” For example, the group claims that fossils are actually “rocks made from rocks,” and also states that paleontologists pieced together shards of bone to turn them into a brachiosaurus skull as a way to keep their job.

Other Christians have held longstanding beliefs that evolution never existed by stating, “A professing Christian who believes in evolution thinks that Jesus is lying.” Still others are against inoculations since they believe that God will protect them from harm from the devil.

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