VIDEO: Even These Expert Judges Were Floored Seconds After Her Performance Started

The Voice is a wonderful show to find gifted singers. The kid’s version is pretty good too. In fact, it’s downright amazing. Recently, a little girl blew away the audience and the judges during her performance of a top hit by Whitney Houston. It was one of those moments that catches your breath.

It did just that. Laura Kamhuber, sang the song: “I Will Always Love You,” on that show recently. Originally from Germany, this talented girl made the judges tear up, and listen intently to the entire performance. It was memorizing. The whole event was a performance for the open auditions of the show.

Cute kids are one thing, but cute kids that are talented can make your blubber like a baby. Which is what the judges and audience members did. She has a fairly good chance to go on and win a title too. Only time will tell though. For the time-being she is blowing away everyone with her talent, that gives the original chanteuse some great competition. Watch out Whitney Houston, there’s a new girl in town.

She is bringing the competition, and apparently, the tears as well. Here is her performance. This little girl blew away the judges, and will do the same with you.

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