VIDEO: Ellen Gives A Stranger $10,000. But What She Does Next? I Am Shocked!

A Chicago woman named Kelly recently attended a professional football game with her husband. The weather was very cold and while hurrying to get on the elevated train, Kelly noticed a homeless woman nearby. The woman was holding a sign that pleaded for warmer clothing. Kelly decided in that moment to take off her boots and give them to the woman.

Kelly spent a few minutes talking with the homeless woman before handing her the boots. The woman then gave Kelly her old, worn boots, so she would not have ride the train home in her socks. In a very odd coincidence, both women have the same shoe size.

Kelly said she truly believes there is a reason for everything, and that she was meant to be on the train platform that particular day. After news of her generous act spread quickly, Kelly was invited to the Ellen show. Ellen told the audience about Kelly’s other acts of selfless charity and then handed her a boot, which contained $10,000. Ellen instructed Kelly to give 10 of her friends $1,000 each to do a good deed. She then gave Kelly the other boot, which contained another $10,000, and told her that money was just for her.

Kelly was overcome with joy as she hugged and thanked Ellen, who reminded everyone that her tag line of “be kind to one another” was not just words but a way of life.

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