VIDEO: During Their Wedding Reception, The Groom Turns To Notice THIS And Runs Like Hell

Though he was off-duty at his wedding reception, this California firefighter didn’t hesitate to leap into action to save a guest’s life. The heroic deed came on the heels of the best man’s fervent speech. His father, a retired fire captain, had said, “You are a true professional. If I’m ever in a position where I need a fireman to help, I certainly hope it’s you or someone like you.” The words were an omen, an astonishing foreshadowing of what was to immediately follow.

Piercing the air were the terrified cries: “Oh my God!”,  “She’s choking!”, “Somebody help!”

Cody Campbell wasted no time. He bolted from his table and raced to the struggling woman. Her airway was completely obstructed. Kicking a chair out of his way, he began expertly performing the Heimlich maneuver. After five precise abdominal thrusts, a chunk of steak was powerfully ejected from the woman’s throat. The alarming incident was captured on video by a guest documenting the day.

The rescue was so seamless, many onlookers thought it was staged. Cody’s bride, Kelly, assured them that the scene was not fabricated. She was as stunned as everyone. The 30-year-old rookie of the Los Angeles County Fire Department said he was just following his training. What a boss. The choking guest was a woman in her 60s and a relative of the bride.

After the blockage was cleared, the woman sat down, caught her breath, and thanked Cody profusely for saving her life. Once the woman’s safety was confirmed, the festivities continued. Kelly Campbell is grateful and proud of her valiant husband. Witnessing the rescue on her wedding day is an image she’ll treasure forever.

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