VIDEO: Dad Hears His Newborn Laugh For The First Time. But It’s Not What He Expected. LOL!

The internet is flooded with cute videos and baby videos, and when it comes to combining the two only good, even cuter things can happen. This one is worth a second look among the millions – possibly a third or fourth look as well.

Few things are as beautiful as the laughter of a child, as this lucky father finds out. Witnessing his baby’s first laugh goes from a touching moment to a funniest home video when the kid’s contagious giggles spread to dad.

When this man provokes his baby into fits of laughter as mommy records the occasion for posterity, he wasn’t expecting to be overcome with emotion or reciprocating laughter, but both take over when his baby’s giggles don’t stop. Mom joins in and the whole family dissolves into joyful chuckles.

Laughter is the primary method of communicating pleasure or joy for young babies whereas crying is their main way of conveying anger or displeasure, according to Dr. Caspar Addyman, and this little one is well on his way to a lucrative public speaking career if this giggly debut is anything to go by. If all scientific studies are this adorable, sign us up for a few doctorates right now!

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