VIDEO: Cops Toss Lesbian Out Of Bathroom For “Not Looking Like A Woman”

Life is full of injustices. It can be so hard to take in all of the unfair things that take place in society on a daily basis. So many people all over the planet have had to suffer due to being treated improperly and without full respect. It’s a sad reality and one that needs to seriously change soon.

A video clip that has spread across the Internet is total proof of how unfair life can actually be for some. It depicts an unnamed young lady who was ejected from a female public restroom against her will. She was ejected from the restroom because cops mistakenly believed her to be male. This video clip has gained traction as the result of North Carolina’s new public restroom requirements. People all across the Internet sympathized with the plight of the woman featured in the video clip. She spoke in the clip to a police officer who was adamant about her leaving the restroom. She repeatedly insisted to him that she was indeed female but he was having none of it. He continued to ask her to present identification to him. That did not happen. What ensued was a loud encounter that was the epitome of true chaos. The encounter was a clear example of the blatant discrimination lesbians and gays regularly come across. The young lady seen in the clip is a lesbian.

This video was taken several months ago in December. It stayed under the radar for months and just recently caught fire due to the news that has come out of North Carolina. This is all thanks to a woman by the name of Tamara McDaniel. McDaniel is a prominent activist who is involved in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. She posted the clip for the world to see in order to make a point. She wanted to alert people to the injustices and prejudices that plague so many individuals across the United States (and planet) every single day. McDaniel wanted to inform people of the many problems Mississippi and North Carolina’s infamous bathroom laws can potentially cause. McDaniel felt upset by the video because she believed that the controversial laws would lead to a new wave of belittling individuals.

There is no confirmation regarding the geographic setting in the video clip. The video wasn’t necessarily shot in either Mississippi or North Carolina. That’s far from the point, however. The states’ brand new laws make it so that people have to use the public restrooms that go with their biological genders. Many people everywhere are intensely worried that these laws may contribute to harassment in transgendered persons. Some people are also worried that these laws may contribute to harassment in people who don’t wear attire that’s typically associated with their genders.

This video clip is devastating all around. The lady in the clip is sporting apparel that’s loose. She’s clearly stressed out by what’s happening to her. The people who are watching the event nearby support her by telling the police officer that she is indeed female. This is no way stops him from continuing to demean her, however. Since the lady in the clip lacked identification at the time, she had no way to prove to the cop her actual sex. Her lack of identification drove the cop to scream at her to leave the establishment immediately.

Although this video clip is definitely distressing and disturbing, it’s unfortunately not anything too unusual these days. This is why people everywhere need to work harder than ever to speak up for themselves. Things cannot continue to go on like this forever.

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