VIDEO: Boxer Dog Meets Newborn For The First Time. Wait Until You See The Big Moment. I’m Dying

There is always something so very sweet and endearing about watching dogs and babies together when the two get along. It is true that there have been horror stories about dogs lashing out at babies, typically because the dogs are jealous of the attention the new little person is taking away from them. However, on the other end of the spectrum are the situations where the dogs instantly fall in love with the new additions to the home.

These two boxer dogs, 5 year old Macey and 1 year old Vanda, are one of the adorable cases. Their owner brings in their new little girl and the boxers’ new little sister for the first time in this video. They are cautious as they gradually introduce the dogs to the new baby and keep the environment as serene and safe as they possibly can. They just make every effort to make the transition smooth for both their boxers and their new daughter.

However, there really seemed to be no need for all of the cautiousness in this case, as the two dogs seem to have loved the new baby from the beginning. They both try to give her kisses, and they also run madly for the chance to jump into the bassinet with their new little sister.

The parents must be so happy that their new family is meshing together so well, and the family is likely to create many beautiful moments in the years to come with dogs and baby.

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