VIDEO: Abused Dog Rescued From Terrible Fate – Today She Is A Different Animal…

The term “rescue dog” is used to describe any dog who has been surrendered for one reason or another, be it abandoned or put up for adoption. But in the case of Augustus, the word “rescue” taks on a whole new meaning.

It feels cruel, and uncomfortable to stare at the “before” version of Augustus. She had clearly been subjected to abuse and neglect, her wounds looked like something out of a Hollywood horror film. Seeing Augustus on the day she was taken in by the Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) was to see humanity at its best, and its worst. That anyone could let a living creature suffer so much is downright criminal. Conversley in the video there were those present with enough love in their hearts to heal the damage done by others.

Augustus’ recovery was painstakingly slow, with workers carefully applying a special gel to her skin every day to heal her without causing further damage or pain. During her treatments, Augustus seemed to understand that the people around her were there to help, she remained calm – full of trust and gratitude for the loving hands being placed on her badly damaged skin.

The efforts of the caregivers finally paid off. In the end, an angel named Jordan was able to adopt the beautiful black and white Collie Mix miracle dog. Augustus’ life has suddenly taken a drastic turn for the better.

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