VIDEO: A Letter Was Lost For Decades. When It Was Finally Returned? The Tears Didn’t Stop

A widower-war veteran was moved to tears when a long lost love letter made its way into his hands.

The letter, written by Bill Moore to his future wife Bernadean, was lost shortly after Burnadean’s death. It was discovered in an album at a Colorad thrift store by Ilene Ortiz. Ortiz was moved by the sentiment expressed in the letter and set it to find its owners.

Bill Moore had departed for service in the second world war shortly after he became engaged to Bernadean. The homesick youth missed the beauty and laughter of his love and he expressed his feelings in the letter.

“My lovely Bernadean,” the letter read. “You are beautiful. I still do not know how it is possible that you are mine.”

Ortiz made contact with Moore’s daughter, Melinda. Melinda read the letter herself and was touched by the love shared between her parents. Melinda shared the letter with her own daughter before returning it to her father.

Bernadean passed away in 2010, leaving a hole in Bill’s heart. The WWII veteran was moved to tears when the letter was handed to him.

“We loved each other so much,” Bill Moore went on to say. “I loved her and she loved me. I miss not having her here with me each day.”

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