VIDEO: A Group Of Older Men Take Their Spots, But Once They Get The Queue To Start? WOW!

During a recent episode of the British reality television show, “Britain’s Got Talent,” five middle-aged men surprised the show’s judges with their dancing talents.

The group, which calls itself Old Men Grooving, is comprised of individuals who all work at regular jobs and pursue their dancing as a hobby. One is a manager for information technology, while two others are teachers.

As they prepare to begin their routine, some of the judges and the audience have skeptical looks on their faces or are just unsure about what’s ready to take place.

One of the men begins dancing in old fashioned style, which brings a look of disgust from Simon Cowell, the often-prickly judge made famous by his stint in the same role on American Idol.

However, after just a few seconds, all five begin dancing to hip-hop music and do so in choreographed style. The dancing continues as the music morphs into the soul stylings of the late James Brown, who can be heard singing his suggestive song, “Sex Machine.”

As that ends, they maintain the choreography that mimics the many boy bands that are much younger than them perform on a regular basis.

In the closing dance number, one of the men begins to breakdance until the music suddenly stops. That leads to a rousing cheer and standing ovation from both the studio audience and the judges themselves. While the video ends before the judges officially vote, the group undoubtedly received the highest marks possible from the four judges.

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