VIDEO: 1 GIANT PIT BULL + 1 little kitten = Not What You Expected!

When one family adopted a dog called Gypsy, they had no idea what they were in for. She seemed like the perfect match for their family, she was one of a kind. The dog showed so much love towards the family and was as gentle as you can imagine.

Soon, they realized that Gypsy had a big heart, and cared about more than just her humans. One day she rescued a kitten that was only three weeks old! If the cat hadn’t been rescued by the dog, it would have surely died. The kitten was weak when it was found it – hungry, tired and frail. But the two soon took to each other. A big pit bull and a little kitten – perhaps the most unlikely of friends – have become two very close pals.

The cat was soon healthy and running around the house. Gypsy and her feline counterpart can be found racing around the yard and playing together at almost any time of the day.

This is a greta example of how loving pit bulls can be, contrary to the aggressive and destructive animals they are portrayed as.

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