Twitter Illustrates What Trump’s Tweets Would Look Like If He Stopped Acting Infantile

Although Donald Trump seized the highest office in the land by using the social media Twitter to lambast foes, even his supporters have expressed some concern about the way he has tweeted after winning the election. He is currently the president-elect of one of the most powerful nations in the world, but Trump has continued to skewer his enemies, even going as far as to insult Meryl Streep and others who have dared to question his harsh rhetoric.

These days, it seems as though it will be difficult to find an adult in a powerful position, as they all seem to be bowing down to this insanity and accepting it. Indeed, Trump’s tweets certainly sound as though they are coming from the keyboard of an adolescent, and no one in a million years would guess that these awful put-downs and nasty comments are being written by the future most powerful person on the planet.

Following this line of thought, a Trump parody Twitter account has recently emerged to show us how a normal, adult Trump would choose to communicate on social media platforms. Called @MatureTrumpTwts, the account even features a photo of a more mature-looking Trump. Instead of his ridiculously coiffed hair situation, this account portrays Trump as he would probably appear without cosmetic enhancements—with a balding pate.

Each one of Trump’s tweets is carefully analyzed and interpreted by the genius who runs this account—and then it is transformed into something that sounds mature and productive. Whiny tweets are altered to reflect a presidential tone, and even angry, inflammatory tweets are changed to sound as though a real politician is actually sending them out. In a time when facts are few and far between and many are running their mouths, it is a huge relief to hear from an adult, even if it’s just a fake one.

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