Twin Babies Don’t Even Realize They’ve Been Born Yet! This Incredible Moment Is Captured On Film

Twins possess a deep connection that’s different from any other link on this planet. If you don’t have a twin, you probably can’t even fathom how intense and close their relationships can be. Twins enter the world together at around the same exact time. They tend to spend significant amounts of time together from birth into adulthood and beyond. That’s why it’s often so difficult for twins to discuss their strong ties to each other to other people. Twins are connected in ways that other siblings usually can’t understand or grasp.

This video clip depicts a pair of newborn twins. In the clip, they’re receiving something that’s known as a Thalasso Baby Bath. This bathing practice was created by Sonia Rochel, a French native who works as a neonatal nurse. The goal behind the Thalasso Baby Bath is to comfort young babies. This bathing practice aims to ensure that babies are at ease and warm. Rochel is a seasoned expert on children and babies alike. She has extensive experience dealing with both. She believes that babies require patience and time from their caretakers above all else. Rochel believes that nothing is more valuable than providing babies with the gift of ample time. She said that she paid close attention to babies and that that taught her that they communicate to others very well. She also said that people typically don’t focus on the messages that babies are sending them. She came up with the Thalasso Baby Bath method after spending a significant amount of time paying careful attention to babies’ and their communication styles. Doing so helped her gain the ability to easily pick up on their needs and wants.

Rochel’s objective with the Thalasso Baby Bath practice is to help wee babies feel as cozy and protected as they do while they’re still inside of their mothers’ bodies.

The aforementioned video clip shows a couple of adorable newborn babies in the middle of a Thalasso Baby Bath. The little cuties’ eyes are still tightly shut. They haven’t yet gotten their first glimpses of the vast world surrounding them. Although the babies haven’t even laid eyes on one another, they’re affectionately holding on to each other nonetheless. It seems like the little ones aren’t yet aware that they’re no longer inside of their mother’s womb together. They’re behaving just as they would be if they were still unborn, interestingly enough. The reality, however, is that these sweethearts have indeed already been born and are all ready to take this world by storm — together!

It’s wondrous to think about how quickly twins develop strong bonds. It’s even more wondrous to think about how their bonds grow and intensify over the courses of their lives. Twins truly have relationships that other types of siblings just can’t quite comprehend. You can only genuinely understand a twin relationship if you happen to have a twin yourself. We’re just not all that lucky.

Twins often seem to have somewhat psychic relationships. If one twin sibling is in trouble, his “other half” may be able to sense the situation even if he’s far away. Twins are sometimes even able to easily guess what their siblings are thinking. If one twin is upset and in a bad mood for whatever reason, his sibling may be able to guess that before he even sees his expression or hears a word that comes out of his mouth. Their connections are simply that strong and intense.

This video says everything that people really need to know about twins and their relationships. They have deep bonds that are often present for their entire lives.

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