Trump’s New Anti-LGBT Executive Order Leaks – Deep Discrimination Lies Ahead

Trump’s New Anti-LGBT Executive Order Leaks – Deep Discrimination Lies Ahead

A new executive order has been proposed by the Trump administration, which is likely to cause outrage across the nation. A source backed by the “Washington Post” stated that the executive order would allow people to discriminate against the LGBT community openly and without punishment. This new order, if passed by  congress, would undo all of the anti-discrimination ordinances that Obama worked to put in place.

Obama’s legislation prevented people and businesses and even churches from discriminating openly against the LGBT community. Additionally, the laws allowed LGBT couples to adopt children.

Famously Vice President Mike Pence, has a history of serious discrimination against gays. He has repeatedly tried to pass laws that would allow people to deny jobs or services to others because of their sexual orientation. It is a horrible goal, and one that illustrates the Vice President’s unjust unAmerican ideals perfectly.

Pence is the former governor of Indiana. While governing the state he signed a law to allowed businesses to refuse service to LGBT couples. It also allowed for jobs and property managers to discriminate against the LGBT. The law was extremely controversial, and violated many American’s civil rights outright. Indiana businesses responded by sayin that they will not do business in the state of Indiana if Mike Pence did not amend his disgusting law.

Trump’s newest executive order has yet to be signed. But if it does pass through congress we will be facing an era of social regression, where discrimination and ignorance reign supreme. We will lose so much progress that we’ve made in this country at the hands of these abominable politicians.

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