Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

It has only been two months since President Trump assumed office, and his ratings have continually plunged. The most recent Gallup poll indicates his latest rate being as low as 37 percent, which is decreased from the previous 45 percent (which was still low). That is to say, his disapproval rates have skyrocketed to 58 percent. From Gallup poll’s track, that is the worst rating that any president has ever gotten during their initial days in office.

Occasions That Preceded the Drastic Fall

The poll did not come long after Trump’s boisterous efforts to replace Obamacare with his initiative. He has struggled to ensure that the Obama’s idea does not stick. As it continues to bother many people about his Russian input in his campaigns, their trust in him keeps vanishing. In August 2011 Trump ridiculed Obama for getting a Gallup rating of 39 percent. Sadly he has now gone way below the mark. This was pointed out by ‘The Independent.’

General Statistics of Public’s View on Trump’s Work

The greater percentage of America’s young people do not have trust in President Trump. Precisely, 57 percent of them perceive his premiership as illegitimate. Again according to GenForward’s poll, for the people aged between 18 and thirty years, 62 percent do not have faith in Donald Trump’s endeavors, particularly as the American president.

Republican and Democratic Lawmakers Speak on Trump Tower Monitoring

There was the dispute about Trump Tower having been wiretapped by the Obama’s regime during the campaign era. The house of intelligence board in the top republican and democrat administration consented that there is no tangible evidence to prove the claim. From their research, they concluded that no wiretapping happened for whatever reasons.

The Californian Republican, Devin Nunes said they had information that proved that Obama’s government never spied on Trump. The Intelligence Board had received legit documents from the Department of Justice. Talking on Fox, Devin confidently stated that they did not know the aim of Trump’s assertion, considering that they did not find anything substantiating Donald Trump’s claims.

Reaction of Various Republican Board Members Investigating Trump Tower’s Case

According to a Texa Republican, Will Hurd, Trump should apologize to Obama for tending to taint their reputation. He goes on to say that the apology should be made to the entire U.K and not just the Obama’s. The intimations were unkind, and unless Trump pushes forth some evidence, then he owes Obama and the entire States an apology.

In response to the same, the ranking board member, Adam Schiff blatantly says it is a false. He condemns such an act, since it evidently put the British and German allies in further turmoil, considering that they republicans and the democrats never see eye-to-eye. As it gets confirmed, there was no involvement of the Russian officials in soliciting for evidence on the wiretapping claims. Ranting over unsubstantial claims is bad, and more so when it is a lie. Clearly, it only hurts the parties involved and causes unnecessary tension.


From the polls reports and the latest findings, there are still loads of loopholes to deal with in President Trump’s regime. Hopefully, though, the real estate magnate will eventually get the nation running in the right direction. Meanwhile, he is expected to come clear on the spying issue so as to release the tension. As well, he could show evidence that he worked with the Russian officials, and also table the findings that will assure the public that indeed, the Trump Tower was spied during the campaigns. In the meantime, though, an apology is expected from him for the false intimations.

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