Trump Voters Don’t Believe Trump’s Played More Golf Than Obama in First 3 Months

Trump Voters Don’t Believe Trump’s Played More Golf Than Obama in First 3 Months

In an interesting, if perhaps unsurprising turn, Trump voters have made it clear that they do not believe in facts. In a recent poll done by the Democratic-leaning firm, Public Policy Polling, fifty-three percent of self-identified Trump voters believed that President Obama golfed more than President Trump in their first three months in office. only twenty percent said they knew that Trump has golfed more than Obama did.

Democrats contacted in the same poll had a little more clear information. Seventy-two percent claimed to know Trump had been on the course far more, while only nine percent believed it had been Obama.

Of course, the facts are clear. Anyone who has followed the news in the last near-hundred days knows that President Trump has made multiple trips not just to the course, but to his golf resort in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, where he has even hosted foreign leaders. During Trump’s first three months as president, he has been confirmed on the golf course a minimum of thirteen occasions as counted by the New York Times.

According to White House logs from 2009 when President Obama first came into office, the Times could not find a single instance of him attending a golf course, much less pulling out his clubs.

Time itself on the course may not be a problem, but comparing the legislative and administrative achievements of the two administrations during their first 100 days might be a fascinating case on how working hard makes things happen.

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