Trump Tweets IN ALL CAPS When Federal Court Rules His Muslim Ban “Unconstitutional”

Trump Tweets IN ALL CAPS When Federal Court Rules His Muslim Ban “Unconstitutional”

Donald Trump strongly responded to a decision handed down by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision was in regards to his travel ban, which was declared by executive order on January 27, and was ruled “unconstitutional. The president’s response?

Trump tweeted that the security of the country was at stake and he would “SEE YOU IN COURT.” The message was posted in all-capital letters, quickly drawing derision and mockery.

The court, based in San Francisco, California, found that Trump’s ban was unconstitutional by blocking the due process of the people who were affected by it. In a statement, the justices said that although the court often defers to presidential policy, it still has the authority and the responsibility to uphold the Constitution when it is challenged by executive action.

Many thought the travel ban was yet another expression of hate and xenophobia, which Trump used during his campaign. Prior to the 9th Circuit Court’s decision, Trump had lashed out against the judiciary for blocking his order. This led to Neil Gorsuch, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by the president, to voice his criticism about the issue.

It seems that President Trump is not familiar with the checks and balances that keep the government running. While he will learn as he goes along, the first few weeks have been difficult for him. Some fear that Trump wants a dictatorship, but the current direction of the administration is unclear.

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