Trump Trashes Obama, Michelle Finally Steps In And Tears Donald A New One

Trump Trashes Obama, Michelle Finally Steps In And Tears Donald A New One

Michelle Obama has continually demonstrated that she has poise, class and an unwillingness to stand for hatred and bigotry. She’s maintained her grace and held up to countless attacks from the right over the years, so the newest attacks from Donald Trump should pose no surprise to her.

During Michelle Obama’s speech in support of Hillary Clinton for president, her mood was energizing, powerful and damning to many who align themselves with the right. As a result, she’s become a target of many hateful messages and campaign attacks. Nobody would question that Barrack Obama has the tenacity to defend himself in light of Trump’s latest accusations. Still, when Michelle Obama goes to bat for you, the assault tends to leave a deeper impression and bruises that last.

So, what did Trump say that ignited The First Lady’s wrath? Trump continues to spew hatred and contempt, bringing up points that he fully understands are fictitious and contentious. Trump gives credence to the birther movement, his comments are intended to divide the country further and he’s tapping into a much deeper well that brings out the basest of human emotions and desires. He supports division and actively advocates that racism is healthy. He wants to “Make America Great Again” by eliminating the very principles of diversity that allowed our country to innovate and dominate the world economy. Meanwhile, he ships his labor overseas and condemns the Americans who are compassionate enough to make the country safe for everyone, and not just one or two isolated lobby groups.

Suffice to say, Michelle Obama seems to be reaching a point in her final days where she is simply unwilling to stand by quietly while falsehoods are being promoted and entrenched in the American psyche in an untearable picture-book style that Donald Trump has cunningly mastered. The First Lady recognizes Trump for his true nature, and that is nothing short of an opportunistic manipulator who will do and say anything to appeal to his current target audience. He’s embraced the notion of incompetence and is selling the country snake oil of the vilest substance and kind.

In her typical classy fashion she illuminates the danger of Donald Trump while speaking in support of Hillary Clinton for president:

“We cannot afford to squander this opportunity, particularly given the alternative because here is what we know — that being president is not anything like reality TV.
It is not about sending insulting tweets or making fiery speeches. It is about whether or not the candidate can handle the awesome responsibility of leading this country.”

She points out the facts and leaves the insults to the candidate whose only chance of winning relies upon hatred, curses and empty promises. Her ability to convey a strong, poignant message that reminds us what is at stake is unparalleled.

She reminds us that a vote for Trump will make it harder for you or someone you love to pay for college. A vote for Trump will put millions out of the reach of essential healthcare. A vote for Trump means scientists won’t have a say in daily decisions about our planet. She also reminds us that Trump will set us back and destroy the immigrant culture that has made this country great. Trump also doesn’t believe women should have a say over what happens with their bodies because he knows what America needs.

All of these facts are things we already know. Watching Michelle Obama speak to America and remind us without harsh language or hate speech is something that should make her eligible to be a living saint without contest or quibbling.

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