Trump Sweeps Super Tuesday Thanks to YUGE Turnout In Racist Voters…

Trump Sweeps Super Tuesday Thanks to YUGE Turnout In Racist Voters…

After reading many comments on the news and on social media, people continue to wonder how our country is supporting Donald Trump or how anyone has let him progress in this election. The truth is, Donald Trump is a racist and he is not alone there. Many people in our country are still racist and see Trump as a role model, and a leader to follow.

Trump preaches national unity, and is deeply xenophobic suggesting again and again that we seal off our borders. His platform is fascism… Trump continues to win in the polls because people stand behind his plans to expel immigrants, close down borders, make it harder to get citizenship and intimidate other nations. Sadly, but not surprisingly, there are a lot of people in America that are just as hateful and ignorant as Donald Trump, and they are crawling out of the woodwork to vote for him.

Trump slanderously and hatefully denounces Mexicans and Muslims, to the thunderous applause of people attending his rallies. They cheer when he claims he’ll make Mexico build a wall at the bordr. And even though he has condemned Syrian refugees, condemned Mexican immigrants (and Mexico at large), and even condemned THE POPE, he was reluctant to condemn a Grand Wizard of the KKK on live television – because he needs those voters.

Racism is alive and well in the US, and Donald Trump is its political manifestation. Examples are all over the news: the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case and the police brutality related murders. White supremacy is still alive and well in America and Donald Trump is riding on its back directly towards the White House.

Trump knows his audience well. He isn’t speaking to accepting people seeking a true melting pot of a country that supplies justice to all people and equality in humanity. His supporters are white bigots. Trump is well aware that his audience is not politically correct, and therefore he presents himself to be politically incorrect as well to continue to appeal to his demographic. He will continue to win these people over as long as he panders to them, and who knows if there are idiots in America to get this man elected?

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