Trump Hold’s a Rally Before Half-Empty Auditorium

Trump Hold’s a Rally Before Half-Empty Auditorium

As we should all know by now, size is quite an issue when it comes to Mr. Donald Trump. Whether it’s the size of his hands or number of people at his inauguration, Trump is completely obsessed with the public’s perception of his popularity. He’s also obsessed with making speeches, which he seems to prefer instead of actually governing. Unfortunately for him, it seems as if his supporters are preferring to stay home instead of showing up at his events after the election.

Although Trump took Tennessee easily, he couldn’t even get people in seats at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium recently. This is especially noteworthy, as the auditorium holds only a meager 9,000 people or so. What gives when it comes to these disappointing numbers. Well, it turns out that Trump’s recent poll numbers may provide a glimpse into what is causing this low turnout. With only 43 percent of Americans approving of the job he’s been doing, it makes sense that these same people aren’t interested in speeches anymore—they’d rather see action.

Also, it should be noted that the topics Trump brings up at these post-election rallies are also not attracting too much enthusiasm. Although he used to get big rounds of applause whenever he mentioned building The Wall, it turns out that now only 38 percent of people support construction of such a wall. Although Trump likes to bring up how he is demonized by the press and fake news, it seems as if Americans are now looking for solutions to their problems. And now, more than ever, the perception is that Trump is choosing self-aggrandizement over actual policymaking.

In fact, his recent trip to Nashville attracted a different kind of crowd—over 1,000 people huddled in the freezing cold outside the auditorium. But these were protestors, not supporters. Chanting that “Donald Trump has got to go!”, one held a very creative sign depicting Trump as a caveman. If he’s looking to win a popularity contest, it looks like Trump should probably stick to actually trying to make America great, as opposed to playing to semi-empty arenas like a stand-up comic who’s seen better days.

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