Trump Cuts Funding For PBS, While His Family’s Lavish Lifestyle Costs Taxpayers $300m/Year

Both politicians and the public at large were shocked and appalled when the Trump administration announced it would cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and PBS. The programs account for less than one percent of the annual federal budget while the Trump family’s travel habits and security are projected to cost $300 million more than the Obama family’s expenses.

Trump’s numerous vacations at the Mar-a-Lago resort, have already, in only one month racked up $10 million at the taxpayers’ expense. If he continues with his visits every other week for the rest of 2017, it will cost us $120 million…

First Lady Melania Trump’s security at Trump Tower in New York, where she has elected to live instead of the White House, will run $183 million per year. In contrast, the 2016 budget for the NEA was $150 million. For PBS, it was $342 million. The annual expenses for the Obama family were $12 million. Trump is bleeding the American budget dry to pay for his family’s opulent lifestyle, sacrificing beloved public institutions like PBS.

Watch the clip below of Mr. Rogers before the US senate in 1969, defending the funding for PBS. It is a perfect illustration of why PBS is essential and why Trump has made such an egregious cut to the federal budget – especially why he enjoys fancy vacations to the Mar-a-Lago

Several White House staff members have talked to President Trump and encouraged him to take his vacations at Camp David, which is only a short distance away by air. Trump has reportedly refused and said he prefers to spend time with wealthy guests at Mar-a-Lago. This has caused some to question his priorities and his presidency.

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