Trump Commits Impeachable Offense, Violating First Article of Constitution

Trump Commits Impeachable Offense, Violating First Article of Constitution

In the days following the election, the Trump family has been quick to comment that they will outline a plan for separating the former reality star’s business interests from his political life. The problem is that such a plan never seems to materialize. Press conferences have been canceled, and the American public has been left out in the cold as to how and when the strategy will be revealed.

As Inauguration Day looms closer with each passing hour, many people have become legitimately concerned as to how this process will unfold. A recent incident has sparked worries that the Trumps have absolutely no desire to make sure that such a separation ever happens, and many are now saying that there may be grounds for Trump’s impeachment already.

Reports have emerged that the Trump organization attempted to pressure the Kuwaiti government into holding an event at their DC hotel, which is a strict departure from normal presidential protocol.

It’s also a violation of the first article of the American Constitution, which explicitly states that presidents may not solicit payments from another government. Although there are some areas of the Constitution that can be construed in different ways, this one is absolutely clear-cut. Our Founding Fathers did not want the president taking money from foreign governments for a multitude of reasons.

An attempt to make the Kuwaitis stay at a Trump hotel could have massive repercussions, especially with reports also emerging that Trump’s sons are attempting to sell access to him. With many critics pointing out that the only way to avoid such conflicts would be for Trump to sell off his companies and focus on running the government, it does not appear that he will do so anytime soon.

However, it would not be a surprise to see some government leaders gearing up to start the impeachment process once Trump takes office. In a very divided political climate, Trump’s business dealings are not helping his party in any way.

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