Trump Caves, Says He’s Willing To Keep Obamacare After All

Trump Caves, Says He’s Willing To Keep Obamacare After All

As President of the United States, Donald Trump has made some hasty decisions since he has been in office. Obamacare is a health plan that took about seven years to get right. Trump didn’t really like the plan when he was running for office, but he is now willing to keep the plan instead of changing anything. There have been efforts to change the plan, but no one really seems to be on board.

After a few days of seeing that there is a lack of votes to push through with a repeal, Trump has decided that it might just be best to give up on any action.

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, didn’t want a vote to take place until he knew that there was enough support from Congress so that it would pass. He didn’t want his party to be humiliated if there wasn’t enough support.

Ryan postponed the vote until Republicans agreed to the changes that would take place. They wouldn’t agree to what was proposed, so everything is still in limbo in Washington.

Trump made statements about being done with negotiating and that if there wasn’t a vote, then the Obamacare plan would remain in effect as he wants to move on to other business.

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