Top U.S. Commanders: “We Are Quitting If Trump Becomes President”

Top U.S. Commanders: “We Are Quitting If Trump Becomes President”

It seems that everyone is picking on Donald Trump. Never mind the Democrats, they always will. But the GOP candidate doesn’t even get support from some of the top men in his party who fear he may demolish the Republican establishment. One example is Paul Ryan. Another, Jeb Bush, whom Trump called “Little Jeb.”

Now, it got even worse. Top Pentagon commanders threatened to quit if Donald Trump becomes their Commander-in-Chief. Some of these fat cats feel that Trump’s comments, such as those of banning Muslims from entering the United States, are going against the American values.

One of them clearly stated, “By 2016 I will have my 20 years in and can get out of here.” Then, perhaps, Trump is just a good excuse to retire in comfort?

Anyway, these comments are quite puzzling for a couple of reasons. First, these military commanders had soldiers who died from the hands of Islamic militants. In fact, thousands died. The GOP Presidential Candidate clearly stated that he wants to prevent these terrorists from coming to America, and the ban will serve to filter them out “until we figure things out,” as Trump said.

The second issue is that the military brass seems to be getting involved in politics- not as civilians but men who are on duty. Will there be a coup d’etat if Trump wins?

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