Toddler Cozies Up To Husky. When I See The Dog’s Reaction I Played This On Loop All Day!

We have all heard horror stories about dogs who react badly to babies being brought home. Our canine friends often do not deal with this too well, as they are jealous of the new little person who is taking their owners’ time and attention.

It is not always their fault, but it is definitely a nightmare when a dog ends up hurting a baby. This makes stories where dogs and babies actually get along all the more special and wonderful to see.

Because of all the negative incidents involving dogs and babies, people are now being told that it is very important to make sure that the first meeting between the dog and the baby is a positive one. It will set the tone for their entire relationship. The dog should meet the baby in a calm and quiet setting, and you should make it clear that the baby is a new friend and not a competitor for your attention. Be sure to be nice and soothing to the dog, and offer him or her treats for good behavior.

In this video, a 7 month old baby is seen playing with a Siberian Husky. Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs, but they are also known to be somewhat aggressive. However, this dog is nothing but gentle and playful with this baby. It is truly heartwarming to see. It looks like these two are going to be really great friends as the baby grows up, as the dog already loves the baby.

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