Tired Of Pet Hair EVERYWHERE? This Strange Cleaning Trick Is So Effective Your Life Will Change…

Having a pet can be life saving. It is great to have a friend to come home to after a hard day at work. Some take it a little too far, and you know who you are – the ones the dress them up or treat them like their own children. And that’s perfectly alright. What’s not alright is the often hairy blanket that often covers ALL pet owners’ houses.

House animals may do a lot of irritating things – chewing up shoes, taking a dump inside of your work shoes, scratching table-legs to the point of structural instability – but we can’t help to love them dearly. But shedding is gross. And it is a pain to keep up with. Honestly some of that hair is so deeply embedded in the carpets around your home you’ve given up hope. Well now there’s a solution for you

Vacuums will get choked and die so don’t even try it until after you use this trick. Take a metal brush (purchasable at any pet store) and go home and run it over your carpet. The brush will pull the pet hair out without any trouble and your old shag carpet will once again be just a regular carpet.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think! The method surely hasn’t been tested on multipkle samples of filthy pet hair carpet so who knows the success rate. This needs trial and assessment so try it and let us assess. In the name of science!

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