This Video Of A Little Boy Dancing Will Be Sure To Make Anyone’s Day Better. THE BEST!

A video posted on Facebook of a young boy dancing has become an internet sensation, with the video of his performance garnering more than 5.77 million views in approximately 10 days since it was first posted.

The song that the boy, named Guillermo Gael Delgado Garcia, dances to is “Cuban Pete,” a 1936 song writtenm by Jose Norman that was first recorded the following year by the legendary Louis Armstrong. It then became popular during the era that I Love Lucy was originally on television in the 1950’s, thanks to the presence of Cuban Desi Arnaz, who played singer Ricky Ricardo.

More recently, the 1994 film, “The Mask,” which starred Jim Carrey, re-introduced the song to a new generation who had never heard it.

Guillermo performs the dance while poolside and also lip syncs along, with plenty of other individuals around to watch his effort. His uninhibited performance, which was captured on a cellphone camera, shows him quickly moving around the pool area, amusingly shaking before a person sitting at a table, as well as to people in the nearby pool.

A little more than halfway through the less than two-minute video, Guillermo does a cartwheel to the amusement of some of those watching. Once he finishes, he receives a round of applause from the members of his family that were a captive part of the audience.

The person who posted the video, Guillermo’s aunt, resides in Monterey, Mexico, with all of the comments that accompany the video in Spanish.

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