This Tiny Horse Loves To Play A Game. When I Saw Him Playing It, My Heart Melted!

At 3-days-old, a tiny horse has found a fun new game and many find the sight adorable. Despite his young age, he’s able to think for himself and enjoy chasing his human around the corral. This display is made even cuter simply because the foal is a miniature horse, not a regular one.

He’s quick for his size, but not so fast that the human has to run full speed to get away. The person jogs and that’s enough for the tiny horse to fall behind.

Under the watchful eye of the mom, the small horse chases the human back and forth, unafraid of what the person might to do him. When the man slows to a stop, so does the foal. Then the chase begins again once the man picks up his feet and jogs across the dirt. Although the mother gets a little weary about what’s happening, she doesn’t put up a huge fuss. She only checks on him after they’ve been playing for a minute or so.

The play was caught on camera. Although the clip is less than two minutes long, it shows enough for people to get the idea on how cute the entire moment is.

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