This Teacher’s Story Brings Ellen To Tears! And When I Heard It, I Cried Like A Baby Too

Ellen DeGeneres usually does some pretty special things for the members of her audience as well as military family members and teachers. One teacher does something so incredible for her students that it brought Ellen to tears on live television.

As one of the guests on her show, Ellen hosted Sonya Romero, a Kindergarten teacher from New Mexico. While on the show, Sonya thought she was only there to talk about her career and her students. But as the conversation evolved some very touchig things came to light.

In the town where Sonya lives and teaches, about 75% of the families who live in poverty. The students don’t have a lot of money for school supplies, clothes for school, or even food. But when students walk into Sonya’s classroom, they are all asked if they have anything to eat or if they need any clothes. As if that isn’t kind enough, Sonya is a foster parent for two of her students.

The work that Sonya Romero does on a daily basis, and the respect and appreciation the students have for her brings Degeneres to tears! A member of Ellen’s staff brings a check written to Target for $10,000 while Sonya isn’t looking. The check is meant to be used for clothing, shoes and other items that the students need but cannot afford.

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