This Soldier Goes To Order His Food, But Stops When He See’s Who’s Standing Behind Him…

Helping others is almost always a good thing – it helps others and feels great. One veteran was in line at a fast food restaurant to pay for his food when he received  delightful a surprise.

Robert Risdon, a corporal in the Army, was at a Taco Bell to get something for dinner, when two young men entered the restaurant. One of the boys was 13 while the other one was 9 and they weren’t at the restaurant to order food, which Risdon found odd soon enough. The boys were at the restaurant to sell homemade desserts, to try to raise money for their church. That was when Risdon noticed the boys looked: they were wet, cold and tired. The boys told Risdon that they hadn’t had anything to eat after he asked.

What happened next was captured on camera by another customer who was in the store. This customer posted the video on Facebook and asked that others share it so that the message of helping others could be spread. Risdon told the young boys to go with him to the counter and directed them to order what they wanted to eat.

This soldier took the tome and effort to make sure these hungry little boys were fed and happy with a warm meal. It’s an act that the other customers
and Risdon believe should be followed by others. The youngest boy was overheard telling the soldier that he wants to be like him when he’s older.

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