This Newborn Elephant Discovers Her Trunk For The First Time. How She Reacts? AWW!

A one week old baby elephant recently had a hilarious reaction when she discovered her nose for the very first time in her life! At first glance of the baby elephant video, one might think that the baby has an itchy foot or has something bothering her nose.

However, the one thing that is known for certain is that this particular baby is a real cutie! While all baby animals are cute, baby elephants are certainly some of the cutest animals on earth. There is just something appealing about their appearance that makes just about everyone go “awwwwww”, whether it is their small trunks, large ears or their feet that flop all over the place.

Although this baby might initially be a bit confused over her trunk, she will grow into a confident and huge elephant over the years.

The baby and her mother receive a tremendous amount of excellent care and are provided all the food necessary for survival. These rescue elephants live in Thailand and are kept safe while they roam freely throughout a large forested area.

As a result, they can live safely and be protected from poachers. Visitors are welcome to come to the Chai Lai Orchid Eco-Lodge to watch these magnificent elephants as they live within their natural habitat.

The wonderful people at the Eco-Lodge look carefully after the elephants while providing education to the public about how important the elephants are to the environment.

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