This Might Be One Of The Most Heart Touching Moments In The History Of TV. I Can’t Stop Crying

Bindi Irwin and her partner, professional dancer Derek Hough, made tears flow when they performed their last dance of the season. Bindi chose 2006 when she lost her father from a fatal stingray attack as the most memorable time in her short 17 years.

The two ended their season on “Dancing with the Stars” by winning the shows Mirror Ball Trophy. Their final performance ended with a projected photo of Bindi as a little girl kissing her Dads cheek.

The emotional performance tore at the heartstrings of everyone in the ballroom. Bindi declared week after week that the show was a life changing experience for her.

It was obvious from the beginning that her father, known as the crocodile hunter still played a huge role in his young daughter’s life. In their first dance of the season, their performance to “Crocodile Rock” earned them a 24-point score.

Bindis optimistic attitude, hard work and sheer natural talent clicked perfectly with Derek’s uncanny ability to capture emotional experiences in the movement of dance.

Throughout the season, Bindi continually commented on the support she received from Derek, her family and others. According to Derek, winning his sixth Mirror Ball Trophy at such a high level of competition was amazing.

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