This Man Lives In This TINY Camper – But The Inside Is Truly Unbelievable!

In a viral video from 2015, Paul Elkins gives a tour of his home, a tiny “stealth camper” he attaches to the back of his bicycle. From the outside, the camper looks like a small, cramped tube, but on the inside, Paul has a functional camper that he can travel around in.

Since 2002, Paul has been interested in micro-camping, a form of camping where travelers create miniature shelters that are easily transported from place to place. Over the years, he has designed and built several tiny campers to travel around the country, to festivals, or just to use as an emergency shelter.

Paul’s current bicycle camper only cost him $150 to build and weighs only 60 pounds. He constructed the camper’s walls out of four fluted-plastic campaign signs that he received for free after an election season, and he built some storage and shelving structures inside the camper with six pine boards he bought for a dollar. The camper is held together with screws, zip ties, and duct tape. Inside the home is a small camping stove, a sink made out of a bread pan, a counter, some shelves and cupboards for food storage, and a bed. The camper even has LED lighting, a skylight, and a couple windows. Paul also built a small bookshelf for his favorite books and some drawing supplies to pass the time.

These “stealth campers” are an excellent option for those interested in traveling easily and living a minimalist lifestyle. They are durable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Paul explains that traveling or even living in a miniature camper can get rid of the stress of car insurance or home insurance payments. It could even be a solution for some people facing homelessness. Paul’s camper is a great example of creative living for people searching for an adventure.

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