This Little Music-Lover Is Unable To Stay In His Seat When His Favorite Song Came On!

The thousands of concert goers probably didn’t know they were in for an extra special performance when they attended the Rascal Flatts concert in Pikeville, Kentucky. During the intermission and before the country singers were due to hit the stage, one little boy stole the crowd with the performance of his life.

Those attendees not using the restroom or stocking up on popcorn were treated to a pint-sized cutie showing off his dance moves to the catchy lyrics of “Sexy and I know It” sung by hip hop artist LMFAO. As soon as the song started to play, the little blond haired boy in blue jeans and a denim shirt exited his seat and captured the crowd’s attention.

The blond boy stood in the aisle moving his hips and bopping to the beat. When he looked up and realized all eyes were on him, he playfully encouraged the crowd to clap along with him. Even the stadium’s tech crew enjoyed the impromptu act. Soon the lights were turned down, and the boy was center stage. A bright spotlight shone on him and colorful strobes highlighted each move, exciting the crowd further.

The audience members clapped to the beat in encouragement as the boy jumped around, enticing his fans with his electrifying dance moves.

For the last beat, as the song winds down the boy gives one last hip roll before ending his performance. The crowd cheers loudly. The boy is clearly impressed with himself, as he should be. He makes his way back to his seat wearing a huge smile. In his completely ingenuous moment, this little boy probably has no idea how he touched the hearts of so many.

For those audience members who missed the show stopping performance of this little boy, you also missed a perfectly unabashed example of what it means to be young and innocent. If only we didn’t grow up to have our own insecurities keep us from getting up and dancing to the music.

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