This Little Boy Explains Why God Created Grandmothers And His Explanation Is Going VIRAL!

The words and explanations from children sometimes touch the hearts of strangers. A little boy was asked about why God made grandmothers. The answer that he gave is now being heard across the Internet. His explanation is one that pretty much sums up the loving ladies perfectly.

The boy’s grandmother is 100, and he begins his explanation by telling how she is important to his family. He knows about the warmth that he feels when he’s with her and the love that she gives to the family. Even though he’s young, he seems to have an understanding of what it means to be a family and to have all members care about each other.

God made grandmothers to simply love you and care about you. He can’t believe that his grandmother is 100, but he calls her Mamaw. She is over all the other grandmothers because of how much she provides for her family.

If she wasn’t a member of the family or she wasn’t there, then the little boy knows that he wouldn’t be here today. The young man is one who has swept the hearts of others, netting over half a million hits on YouTube since the video has been posted.

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