This Is The First Gay Couple To Ever Triplets With Both Fathers’ DNA

Theo and Christo Menelaou longed to be parents, but they knew it was going to be a difficult road. The adoption agency was up front in telling them that they would be considered as adoptive parents only after heterosexual couples had their choice. Little did they know they would soon make medical history when they welcomed their triplets through a surrogate, using both of their DNA.

For the couple, the adoption process was lengthy. Theo and Christo were also having little luck locating a surrogate that would be willing to carry a baby for them. But, during a local trial they were introduced to a surrogate that would answer all of their prayers. She agreed to carry their baby.

Doctors took sperm from both men and used it to fertilize one egg from the mother. Soon into the pregnancy doctors realized that one of the eggs, the surrogate was carrying, had divided. Doctors were concerned with the wellbeing of the child. They told the couple it would be better to terminate the other two fetuses so that at least one has a fighting chance.

Theo and Christo were not about to give up on their chance to be parents to all of their children. They refused to terminate and proceeded with the pregnancy.

Weighing just over a kilogram each, the triplets were delivered through C-section. Although born prematurely Joshua, Zoe and Kate are doing well.

It would be several weeks before the infants were healthy enough to leave the hospital. Joshua would arrive home first, followed by the girls. Each baby was fitted with a precautionary alarm to alert caregivers to changes in their breathing. The couple learned that one of the triplets will soon be having corrective heart surgery. They know they still have a long road ahead of them, dealing with health issues that many preemies face.

They are certainly up for the challenge. Theo and Christo are so grateful for the opportunity to be parents. Every day is a miracle, one the couple was not sure they would ever experience.

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