This Dog Eats A Lemon. His Response Afterward Has His Owners Dying Laughing

When animals try new things, they sometimes don’t know what to think. Fortunately, the owner of this dog was able to catch his reaction when he found a lemon. The dog ate the lemon, and his reaction was priceless.

The owners were at a beach when the dog found the lemon. The dog was running around on the beach, playing in the sand, until he found the fruit. He eats the lemon, and the shock at the sour taste is instantaneous. He begins throwing his head back, and his eyes get very wide as he seems to be trying to figure out what he just put in his mouth.

The dog continues eating the lemon while his owners are laughing at his funny actions. He can’t seem to completely eat the lemon because it’s so sour. Every time he tries to consume the entire thing, he throws his head back and goes crazy. The dog finally gets up and begins pawing at the sand like he’s searching for another piece of the sour fruit.

While he’s digging, his head still goes crazy, giving his owners a laugh while they are at the beach. This is an animal that may have learned his lesson about foods that you eat and those you leave alone.

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