This Couple Adopts A Neglected 9-Year-Old, Despite All Of The Warnings…

Diane and Bernie enjoyed raising five boys. After their children had grown up, they decided that they wanted to adopt a daughter. The couple went to an adoption event, and they saw a picture that captured their eye. It was a photo of a beautiful girl with dark eyes. The couple decided that they wanted to adopt her. The caseworkers tried to convince the couple to adopt another child, but they still wanted her.

Bernie and Diane found out about the girl’s horrific past. She had been locked in a room with a soiled mattress. She was also not allowed to go outside. Additionally, the girl was unable to talk and eat solid food.

She was considered a feral child. The girl was seven years-old when officers found her. She only weighed 47 pounds. Mark Holste was the detective who was called the home to investigate. He stated that he had been an officer for 27 years, but he had never seen such a bad case of child neglect.

The girl’s name is Danielle. Her parents gave up their rights, and she was put in foster care. Despite the fact that Danielle had severe mental and developmental disabilities, the couple wanted her to be their daughter. The couple stated that they had a dream about Danielle, and they believed it was a sign that she was meant to be their daughter.

Bernie and Diane adopted Danielle in October 2007. The couple was thrilled to have Danielle, but taking care of her was very challenging. They did not know if they would be able to potty train Danielle or get her to eat with a fork. However, Danielle has made a lot of progress. She is potty-trained and can do other self-care tasks without help. She also enjoys horseback riding and swimming.

Danielle has made more progress than the specialists expected. She cannot talk yet, but she is able to communicate non-verbally. Bernie and Diane are expecting Danielle to make a lot more progress in the future. They have also written a book about her called “Dani’s Story.”

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