They’re Recording A Dance. What The Dad Does Without Them Even Knowing Is Hilarious!

Girls and boys of all ages enjoy listening to music. They sometimes acquire the urge to perform a dance routine to their favorite songs. Most of these kids film their performances because, well, who doesn’t own a camera these days? During such endeavors, kids will spend hours choreographing their moves with friends or siblings. Videos hit the Web constantly with these performances, whether they’re amusing or extraordinary.

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In one such video, father Mike Jones videobombs his two daughters, who are performing to Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). That’s his real name, and he can indeed dance surprisingly well. He jumps into frame as soon as his daughters start playing the music. To the viewing audience, which excludes his daughters, he puts a finger to his lips. His daughters start their routine as the music turns up, and their father is right there with them.

Mike’s daughters perform their choreographed routine while in sync for the most part. However, their father steals the show from the second he starts shaking his body. He follows some of their moves, while incorporating some of his own. Jones does his best stanky leg with his daughters, and his form is impeccable. From there, moves that can only be described as “Dad” moves are unleashed to the viewing audience.

The video lasts a short 1 minute and 19 seconds of pure entertainment. Perhaps the video ends at the perfect moment, too. After dancing behind his daughters for 75 seconds, they turn around to Jones shaking his butt with his back to both girls. Both girls are shocked to see their dad letting out his inner dance moves. The spectacle surprises them enough to exclaim “Daddy!” in pure shock and a little horror as the video comes to an end.

As of right now, the video has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube. Many more views have surely come on Facebook and Facebook Mobile. People will always love videos of parents photobombing and videobombing their children. For some reason, children think that nobody is watching them, or that parents won’t intrude when possible. Nothing beats the shock on a child’s face in these instances, whether they’re young or in their teens.

Then again, we’ve seen countless videos of adult children being pranked, bombed, and embarrassed by their parents. It’s a timeless tradition that carries on from parent to child down the line forever. Similar videos will continue to pop up online, and each one is special or hilarious in its own right. When the time comes, we’ll be prepared to laugh at another awesome parent that deserves our attention!

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