They Were Behind a Man On a Moped When They See The Cutest Thing Ever!!

It isn’t uncommon to find people who absolutely adore dogs. The world is full of them, and understandably so. Canines are adorable creatures inside and out. People who love dogs often can’t keep their feelings to themselves. They often show off pictures of their favorite pooches to anyone who will listen to them. They often visit local parks simply to check out all of the wonderful four-legged wonders that may be there.

Dog lovers these days are now beginning to show their enthusiasm in a totally new way. Many of them use dog carriers to transport their beloved pets from one location to another. These carriers, interestingly enough, look a lot like those that are used to hold human babies.

This hilarious video clip depicts an adult man on a moped with his precious little pooch securely strapped to his backpack. The reaction he got from the public, simply put, was absolutely priceless. The clip was shot from the interior of a vehicle. A woman and man were inside of the car merrily going after the little dog and his owner. The woman stated that she believed that the animal was “the cutest puppy ever.” Her male partner laughed lightheartedly after she made this comment.

The dog in the carrier in front of the pair looked a lot like a teddy bear. He had a lot of fur and couldn’t be cuter if he tried. The dog’s carrier secured his stomach carefully, but his face and limbs were on their own. The woman in the car behind the moped seemed to develop more and more zeal for the dog the longer she followed him. At one point she said “I want that dog!” She even told the male in the car with her that she was in love with the animal. There’s no doubt she found this dog to be completely irresistible. When she realized that the dog was about to exit the freeway with his owner, she expressed her absolute disbelief and annoyance.

This woman clearly wanted to own this wee pooch, and we definitely don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want this sweet creature around day in and day out? It doesn’t seem like the dog needed a new owner, however. His owner undoubtedly loves him to pieces. He put all of the time and effort in to get him that carrier, after all. A person who didn’t care for his dog wouldn’t show that much effort and dedication.

The world of dogs in carriers is surely a fun one. It will be interesting to see if this trend catches fire. What could be better than constantly seeing dogs on bikes and everywhere else, for that matter? Dogs add a lot of happiness to life. This woman is pure proof of that. It looks like seeing this little cutie truly made her day. The man in the car with her seemed to have a blast looking at this little guy on the back of the moped as well. He seemed to be a big hit with everyone.

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