They SplitUp After The Death of Their Son – What He Learns About Her Years Later Changes Everything

It isn’t unheard of for couples to separate after terrible situations enter their lives. This can happen even to the tightest and most devoted couples. This happened to Jim Powell and Lisa Hampson, a couple who had been a tight-knit pair since they were merely 21 and 17 years in age respectively.

The couple resided in the town of Llanrwst in Wales. In 1993, Lisa gave birth to a bouncing baby boy by the name of Ryan James. Jim and Lisa were absolutely smitten by their adorable and sweet son. Unfortunately, something absolutely devastating happened to them one day.

Ryan James was unwell in December of 1995. Lisa said that she initially believed that her little boy had come down with the common cold. She said that the boy cuddled up with her as he usually did. When he did, however, she discovered that his cheeks were an unusual color.

They appeared distinctively red. She also observed something else out of the ordinary. Young Ryan James had no interest in drinking his milk. Those things were just the beginning of a string of peculiarities that concerned Lisa picked up on. The mother, for example, saw that the boy’s tummy had several conspicuous spots. She quickly opted to bring her son in for medical attention.

Lisa expected the doctor to tell her that there was no problem at all. After she arrived at the clinic, however, the physician gave Ryan James a quick meningitis diagnosis. Lisa then took an ambulance to a nearby children’s hospital known as Alder Hey. She couldn’t stop sobbing for the entire ride. The caring mother was extremely frightened and anxious at this point, and understandably so.

The little boy’s life ended just a few short hours later. Lisa and James comforted each other during this immensely sad period of their lives. They started slowly developing a rift in the years following Ryan James’ untimely passing, however.

Lisa stated that she made a strong effort to move forward in her life after Ryan James left the planet. She began eagerly participating in half marathons that aimed to gather funds for meningitis organizations. Jim relocated to a new area. Although Lisa and Jim were no longer a couple, she managed to maintain regular contact with her former partner’s mother.

Lisa suffered from a sizable stroke years later in 2014. Jim at that point hadn’t been in the same room with her for roughly 16 years or so. Jim’s mother informed him of what had happened to his ex. He didn’t think twice about going to see Lisa at the hospital. When Jim saw Lisa, he said that he loved her and that that would never ever change no matter what.

Although the pair had been out of each others’ lives for many years, they didn’t have new children with new partners. They didn’t have significant relationships either. Jim made a point to go see Lisa in the hospital on a weekly basis. He was present during her healing and rehabilitation process. Lisa purchased a pregnancy test numerous months after reconnecting with Jim. She suspected that her period was late due to her health condition. That wasn’t the case. Her period was late due to the fact that she was carrying another child. Jim and Lisa were expecting yet again, years and years later.

Oisin Ryan came into the world in early September of 2015. Lisa noted that Oisin Ryan’s resemblance to Ryan James was uncanny. She said that she and Jim couldn’t be more fortunate.

This heartwarming and poignant tale proves that happy endings are indeed always possible.

They SplitUp After The Death of Their Son – What He Learns About Her Years Later Changes Everything
They SplitUp After The Death of Their Son – What He Learns About Her Years Later Changes Everything

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