They Place A Dog Next To Their Twins Babies. Now Keep An Eye On What The Dog Does. LOL!

A baby’s laughter can bring joy to a some people. A baby’s laughter can be infectious, especially when it is deep and sincere. There is a video online of twin boys laughing at their pet Pomeranian dog. The boys are seated in a pool while their mom holds out a treat for the Pomeranian.

The little canine is delighted to see the treat and hops up to try to get at it. He hops and hops but reaches for the treat to no avail, all the while the two baby brothers laugh hysterically at the floundering dog. The twin’s laughter is so genuine that their mother starts cracking up, and suddenly everyone is laughing like maniacs.

Laughing is no only an extremely efficient form of exercise, but it is also highly effective things at alleviating stress. It may not be able to cure all, of course, but a lot of studies confirm that laughing has a lot of positive health  effects.

The video of the twin boys laughing hysterically has become very popular, having received almost nine thousand shares on Facebook. It has also received over 845,000 views on YouTube. It is well worth a watch, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself laughing right along with this young family!

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