They Claimed He Was Viscous So They Locked Him In a Cage. When He Gets Out? OMG!

In March of 2013, the ASCPA created a new shelter for rescued dogs in order to transition them into their new homes. Coconut, a recent rescue from the ASPCA, made the group skeptical about whether she would ever find a home. In the beginning, she was a vicious dog, afraid to be touched by anyone.

After being rescued, Coconut sat in her kennel, trembling, ready to attack or bite anyone that tried to touch her. During week one, the members focused on very simple skills such as hand feeding. Coconut began transforming quickly. Initially, she feared being on a leash or being handled, but soon after she was able to walk on a leash without trepidation, and then walk in familiar and unfamiliar territories.

After only three weeks, Coconut started to let people touch her. They let her initiate touch with her body, and Coconut discovered that she liked being touched. By week six, Coconut’s transformation was astounding. She started off vicious and scared, but she ended as a very social dog and comfortable on a leash.

Today, Coconut has a new home with owners who adore her. Every morning they look forward to Coconut and the love she brings into their home.

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