They Called Her ‘Fat,’ But What She Does When She Hits The Stage? I Am Beyond Shocked!

You should never let anyone in life tell you what you can, or cannot accomplish. The world is filled with stories of people who’ve defied the odds to make believers out the unbelievers. The fear of judgment can leave a person feeling mentally crippled, shy and imperfect.

For those who struggle with what others think, they’re allowing strangers to control how think, feel and behave. The only result can be a lifetime of self-imposed restrictions until that person decides to break out of their shell.

What happens when a young woman who’s struggling with her weight decides to shock the world with a video of her dancing? Well, you can only be impressed! For a long time, she struggled with self-esteem issues, which only lead to binge eating and yo-yo dieting, which only served to compound her self-esteem issues.

One day, at the suggestion of a co-worker, she decided to show the world, through her ability to dance, that plus-sized people can be anything but the lazy slobs they’ve been labeled to be. She does her dancing talent justice! Now, the next step is for her to find out if the cause of her weight problem is a medical issue or a psychological issue. Either way, it’s easy to believe that she might be well on her way to recovery and a whole new outlook on life.

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